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Why we started

At Oqea Cares, we understand that seeking mental health help can be a difficult and overwhelming journey. It is hard to know where to start, or what type of help you may need. Furthermore, recovery and wellness often involves many people around the person seeking care: family, friends, and a number of different health care professionals that play a part at different stages.

That’s why we provide mental health support through an integrated psychiatric, psychological and allied mental health care approach, connecting to all those personally involved in an individual’s care together.

We recognise that a person seeking help – you, a family member or a friend – is the centre of their personal mental health and wellbeing journey, and with access to a range of clinical programs that could better suit their lifestyle and needs, an individual can be empowered through a plan of care that they shape – with our guidance.

Our difference

Oqea Cares offers a range of clinical programs by psychologists and psychiatrists so you can access -the support you need, but with a difference.

Unlike other practices, at Oqea Cares, you’re not just a patient. We put you at the centre of your health and wellbeing journey by empowering you with the tools to personalise your care, monitor your progress to recovery and drive your own path forward.

Powered by our world-class Oqea platform, you can connect and communicate directly with your clinician, and:

  • Invite others to join your support team: this could be your family and your General Practitioner, and other allied healthcare professionals on the Oqea network.
  • Undertake daily wellbeing checks
  • Receive targeted resources on wellbeing focus areas you select
  • Set personal wellbeing goals
  • Join group conversation to keep connected

We're professional

With years of experience, we are well-equipped to address a wide range of mental health concerns. Our team of psychologists and psychiatrists are fully accredited and qualified with diverse expertise and are committed to providing services rooted in evidence-based interventions.


We're collaborative

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team is open to working with general practitioners and other allied health providers in a patient’s support team to ensure a holistic and coordinated approach to patient care in our Oqea platform.


We're convenient

We understand the importance of accessibility in mental health care and strive to make our services readily available to those who need them. With locations in Cockburn Central and Subiaco and Telehealth available through the Oqea platform, accessing our services will be easy.


We're client-centred

We believe in a personalised and client-centred approach to therapy. Our psychologists and psychiatrists collaborate closely with you to understand your unique needs, tailoring treatment plans that prioritise your individual strengths and goals.


We're timely

We prioritise clear and timely communication with referring GPs and other allied health providers. You can expect updates on your progress and communication between appointments, ensuring a collaborative and integrated approach to your overall health through our Oqea platform.

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Aline Campos

Registered Psychologist


Ethan Luxton

Clinical Psychologist Registrar


Nina Blagojevic

Registered Psychologist


Dr. Terry Simpson

Clinical Psychologist


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Can I have a consultation from home?

Online sessions are with our psychologists and psychiatrists can be available by phone or video through Telehealth on our Oqea platform. We’ll  schedule a consult with you and send you a link with you once arranged.

Can I claim a psychologist consult on Medicare?

Yes. Medicare rebates for services may also be available for up to 10 sessions per calendar year, under Medicare Better Access to Mental Health. You will need a GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan, or a psychiatrist or paediatrician referral to access the rebate.

Is Oqea Cares a bulk-billing practice?

No. Oqea Cares is a private practice. You can still claim Medicare and Private Health benefits, but a fee will be payable on the day of your consultation.

What are the fees for your services?

Psychology services fees vary depending on the length of the session and the registration type and experience of the practitioner. They currently range from $110-260 per hour. Oqea Cares may review their fees periodically. We recommend you check our psychologist and psychiatrist profiles to see the latest fee information.


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Anxiety is a common and natural emotional response to stress or perceived threats. It manifests as feelings of worry, fear, or unease, often accompanied by physical symptoms like increased heart rate, trembling, or sweating. While occasional anxiety is normal, excessive or persistent anxiety that interferes with daily life may indicate an anxiety disorder.



Depression is a mood disorder characterised by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed. It often involves changes in appetite or sleep patterns, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. While everyone experiences periods of sadness, depression can affect daily functioning and overall quality of life.


Adult ADHD

ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterised by difficulties with attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. While often associated with children, it can persist into adulthood. Adults with ADHD may struggle with organisation, time management, and maintaining focus, which can impacting work, relationships and daily tasks.

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