Nikita Haskins

Registered Psychologist
Registered NDIS Service provider
BSoc.Sci (Clin.&Org. Psyc)
Cert. (ICHP – Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy)
IABA – Behavioural Analysis
Certified Imago Clinician (Imago Couples Therapy)
AHPRA: PSY0002479386

As a registered Psychologist dedicated to fostering healing and growth through a holistic and person-centred approach to mental health. Whilst creating a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can explore their innermost thoughts and feelings, I aim to integrate evidence-based interventions with empathy and understanding to support my clients on their journey towards well-being.

With an in-depth understanding of human emotions and experiences, I specialise in areas such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal struggles, and neurodiversity. My interventions include CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy, Inter-personal Therapy, Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy, IABA as well as Imago Couples Therapy.

I offer ADHD assessments as a distinct skill and service, recognising the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals with symptoms of inattentiveness and/or hyperactivity, which may significantly impact their functioning and quality of life. Additionally, I provide support to neurodiverse clients as well as those with additional needs, encompassing physical, intellectual, and psychosocial disabilities, e.g. NDIS participants – both verbal and non-verbal. I collaborate closely with their formal and informal supports to ensure comprehensive care.

Working within a positive behaviour framework, I conduct specialist behaviour assessments, tailor behavioural interventions, and develop behaviour management strategies and plans (interim and comprehensive behaviour support plans). Concurrently, I identify and report on potential restrictive practices to safeguard the well-being of all NDIS participants, with the ultimate goal being the facilitation of choice, control, and the highest quality of life possible for each individual. Subsequently, I conduct functional behavioural assessments to identify my clients’ unmet needs and/or the potential function of behaviours of concern.

With a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development, I stay abreast of the latest research and therapeutic techniques to provide comprehensive and effective care.

Passionate about empowering clients to live fulfilling lives, I strive to cultivate resilience and self-awareness in my valued clients and welcome all adults, older adults, neurodivergent individuals, Veterans, First Responders, Health Professionals, as well as the LGBTQI+ community.

My training and skillset

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences, with double majors in Clinical and Organisational Psychology.
  • General registration with AHPRA and I am a Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists
  • Completed training in Clinical and Hypno-Psychotherapy via the Institute of Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapy
  • Training in Positive Practices in Behavioural Support via the Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis

My therapeutic approach

I take a person-centred approach; however, in tailoring the therapy to suit your specific requirements, I also incorporate the following therapeutic modalities:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Schema Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

My client care philosophy

In my ethical practice as a psychologist, I firmly believe in the inherent uniqueness of every individual, each possessing their own distinct array of experiences, challenges, and strengths. I am deeply dedicated and passionate about immersing myself in your personal journey, with the aim of not only comprehending your experiences but also ensuring that you feel authentically acknowledged and understood. My objective is to equip you with tailored tools and strategies that align with your specific needs and strengths, ultimately fostering significant growth and positive transformation in your life’s path. 

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