The wonder of sleep with Dr Nick Mabbott

4 April 2024by Oqea Cares

When was the last time you truly experienced deep restful sleep?

It is well-documented that sleep benefits the body and mind in various physical, physiological and mental health and wellbeing ways, but what are the well research and tested methods to assist people in getting the sleep they deserve?

Oqea was fortunate to share a deep dive conversation with our trusted adviser and industry fatigue/sleep luminary Dr Nick Mabbott PhD (Director of Beyond Midnight Consulting), author, and co-author of 60 reports, articles or publications including ”The Wonder of Sleep”, who has over 25 years listened to the voices of 32,000 people, discovered and implemented simple methods to assist people get the sleep they deserve, following years of poor sleep.

Nick is exceptionally conversant in targeted fatigue risk assessments of companies and rosters, providing fatigue reports and controls to reduce the risk of fatigue incidents in the workplace. His research work and experience have illustrated that workplace fatigue is derived mainly from either poor quality or quantity of sleep.

In the last of our series of videos, Dr Nick Mabbott shares his wealth of experience and knowledge of sleep, fatigue and getting a good night’s sleep in a practical and informative manner.

Interested in a deeper dive into Nick’s recently published book “The Wonder of Sleep. Beyond Midnight” you can purchase your copy via