Tips for a good night’s sleep with Psychologist Kim Edwards

19 March 2024by Oqea Cares

When was the last time you truly experienced deep restful sleep? 

What is your sleep hygiene process before hitting the comforts of your bed and tapping into a well-deserved night’s sleep of recovery?  Interested in some user-friendly tips to enhance your sleep, check out the following video loaded with some very actionable ideas.  

Oqea  posed the question to our  Oqea Cares  psychologists inviting them to reflect on their nightly routines and recommendations they provide their patients.

The second in the series of videos,  Kim Edwards (Registered Psychologist) shares her deep sleep insights in a practical and informative manner.

Interested in additional evidence-based information, check out the recently released article, How to get a good night’s sleep, from our Research Manager,  Dr Valeska Berg .